Addicted To A Sex God – Part 2

I walked into his place. That is when My erotic story begins again. I became addicted to a sex god. 

My sex god threw me on his couch, bent me over, and started to fuck me. I did not even get a chance to talk or say anything. He just wanted me. He wanted every part of me. But I never knew what was about to happen. What he was preparing me for.

As he was fucking me other men and women started to walk in. I thought nothing of it. In fact, I did not even notice. My sex god was fucking me so good. I was almost screaming. As everyone walked in all eyes were on me. I was in my element. All I wanted was to be fucked by him. I did whatever he said.

As everyone entered the room they there themselves on their hands and knees and started to worship him. Calling him a god and a king. I finally realized the room was full of people and was wondering what was going on. But I still needed his dick. I wanted to cum as many times as he would let me. But everyone kept screaming for me to make himself his queen. I did not even know what they meant by it.

So I did not want to get involved in something that dedicated.

I love my sexual freedom. But I felt like I was not going to get it as much as I wanted it. After I realized what is going on I realized that I was about to become the goddess of sex. I broke away and ran.

What should I do? Should I become everything he wants? Become his queen? The queen of Phone Sex? Please, I don’t know what to do. Tell me what you think about Free Phone Sex!

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke