I’m Addicted to Cum Showers

I have a confession to make.  I am addicted to cum showers.  Not just your every day, run of the mill cum showers, but gang bang, cum dumpster, cum slut, sticky, dripping cum showers!  The first time I ever did a gang bang, I knew I was hooked on man yogurt.

I was dating this guy, we won’t go into names, and he was obsessed with gang bangs.  I’d never done one before and was actually kind of intimidated by the thought of being the only girl in a room full of horny guys.   I mean, I only have so many holes and hands, right?  I finally agreed to give it a try.

Guess he decided if I was going to do it, I needed to go in head first.  I walked into the hotel suit only to be surprised by seventeen, horny, young college guys ready to fuck my brains out.  My date ripped off my tight tube dress and revealed my naked body.  I was starting to get excited as I started to suck the first cock.  One in my mouth, one in each hand, and one in my pussy.  It wasn’t long before I was getting stuffed in all my holes and loving every second of it.

I could hear the guys in the room jerking off between their turns with me.

 It was so fucking hot to see a room full of men getting so turned on at the sight of me getting used up like a cheap whore.  Then came the moment the dream I didn’t even know I had come true.  They formed a large circle around me.  I got on my knees and felt the hot jerk sauce covering me from head to toe.  If I wasn’t turned on already, which I was, this would have been enough to make me cum.

I’ve never forgotten about that night.  I still love cum, cum showers, and gang bangs.  I guess I just love to be the center of attention lol.  Once a cum slut, always a cum slut!

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