So I have been seeing Kevin, on and off for about a year now. He is always down for a good time so whenever our schedules match we try to get together. It has been a little harder now, since he is a daddy and going through a divorce. He has the kiddies every other weekend. Recently he has been using a young, sweet, little teen, Kendra, that lives in his building as a babysitter. I had to chuckle when I first met her she was so naive, she fawned over my outfit and shoes. One time she even confided in me she was in awe of how beautiful and sexy I was, that she did not know how to be sexy and had never even had sex. I have watched how Kevin watches her sweet little ass sashay when she walks away, so I decided to give him a surprise one night and be the accomplice to get his cock in that tight, young pussy.

After a night out, on the way home I told him, “We are going to have some kinky fun tonight.”

He raised and eyebrow, never knowing what to expect from his vexing Vixen. “What are we doing so kinky tonight?” he inquired.

“Kendra” was all I said. He got a huge grin and the eyebrow went up more, I knew he was intrigued now.

When we got to his house, he inquired about the kids and she told us they were fast asleep. She asked about our night and we told it had been fabulous but my feet were killing from dancing. She practically drooled over the 4″ strappy heels I slid off.

“It is worth it, they are so hot!” she exclaimed.

“Would you like to try them on?” I asked.

She nodded eagerly. Slipping off her tennis shoes and ankle socks and putting them on. She pranced around the living room in my heels, modeling them.

“You know they look incredible with this little dress too, you should try it on too.” I purred to her. Her face lit up with excitement, “May I?”

“Of course sweets, let’s go in the bedroom and get your all dolled up!”

She practically skipped to the master bedroom. Kevin relaxed in to the couch with a huge all-knowing-grin.

“Wait here sweetie while I go get Kendra ready.”

He nodded and prepared to patiently wait, since he knew he would be rewarded with some tight teen twat soon enough.

I stepped in to the bedroom and lifted the little dress I had been wearing over my head. I stood before this adorable, innocent young girl, wearing only my bra, thong, garter and stockings. Her jaw dropped, “You are gorgeous” she whispered.

“Oh sweetie you are beautiful too,” I said as I swept her long hair behind her ear and stroked her cheek. I moved my hands down her sides, when they reached the bottom of her shirt I lifted it over her head. She instinctively went to put her arms over her chest to hide her cotton bra.

“Oh do not do that” I said sternly. Then followed it with a comforting, “Part of being a beautiful, sexy woman is embracing it and letting yourself show it”

She hesitantly dropped her arms. “There you go baby, let me see those amazing, young titties” I said as I began fondling them. She lit up with the approving words and jutted them out further, pressing them harder in to my hands.

“Since this is a halter dress, that bra will never work, you can wear mine.” She nodded and my hands went behind her and undid the cotton bra, setting free her nice, perky firm tits.

“You can take mine off me” I instructed, she had locked eyes with me mesmerized but her hand moved to my back and began fumbling to unhook it. After a few attempts she succeeded and it sprang free. She slid her hand forward and grazed my breasts.

“You can touch them” I offered. She did not say a word, but with eyes still locked on mine, she began stroking my tits.

“We are going to let you feel like a beautiful, sexy woman”

“Do you think I can be?” she questioned.

“Yes, sweetie, I think I can show you and will take care of you. But it might be good to have some help and a second opinion, do you mind if Kevin assists?” I asked still stroking her left nipple.

At first she looked confused, but then the trusting look came back. She nodded. I walked to the door and asked Kevin if he would join us.

(to be continued)

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