Accomplice Age Play: Santa placed his hand on her thigh

Accomplice Age Play fantasy is perfect at this time of year. Look around you at all those young happy faces without a care in the world. Have you been to the mall lately? I noticed that the big fat man has arrived for a little holiday fun. My thoughts are with the man in the red suit. Does he wonder about what’s under those pretty little dresses? Instead of sugar plums dancing in his head, I bet it’s sweet young bald, soft cunny. At least the oversize Santa suit hides his hard on, and he can always say he is smuggling candy canes in his pants.
I watched from a table in the mall. My mind makes up such dirty stories when it comes to age play.  Santa placed his hand on her thigh. Could he feel her smooth skin? Smell the hint of innocence on her flesh. I know he won’t be able to handle the way she wiggles on his lap for long.

Accomplice Age Play fantasy can be so very naughty

When Santa put up the sign and went back into the small little village building set up for him. My imagination went wild with thoughts of him taking one of those tiny treats. Closing my eyes for a second, I can almost hear her screaming as I pull her into the shack. Whispering that Santa doesn’t like cry babies. He needs a nasty little whore to suck his candy cane. You can get so much with threats of no gifts this year.
I put my hand in the back of her hair and force that pretty mouth of his big thick candy cane. Oh the memories she will have of this night. Twas the day at the mall, and all good girls waited on their knees for Santa to deliver his big load of goodies. Open wide little ones. You have a big surprise cumming this year. Accomplice age play is coming down the chimney this year.