My oral fixation never stays sated for long and recently I got a chance to really really get the full enjoyment out of it. There’s been a blood drive going on so I hit up all my guyfriends promising them and any of their friends who gave blood would get the best head of their life from me! Needless to say the guys were more then eager to be rewarded for giving their donation. I’d instructed in the txt to meet me in the boys bathroom (the blood drive was at a school)

Each guy who came in knew which stall to go to, I was on my knee’s for hours sucking,licking, humming, and bobbing up and down on their cocks getting load after load shot down my throat. My mouth was stuffed,pounded, and used till my stomach was full to the brim with cum. 24 guys showed up to donate but despite receiving every  single load it didn’t keep my satisfied for long. I wanted more and I still want more!

I’m accepting donations! I’ll suck, lick, and bob my head like a good little cum hungry slut. I want to taste every single drop of your cum!  Slide your cock all the way down and listen to my choke, it’s the good kinda hurt that leaves me looking up at you with watery eyes letting you know how much I love that cock being stuffed down my throat.

Fill my belly up with your delicious seed I never ever let a drop of cum go to waste it gets swallowed up or if my bellies full i’ll rub in on my skin!




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