Orgasm control is such a fun little way I can own your cock. Having all the power and saying when and if that cock can make a mess. But holding out until Mistress says is a good way to cum harder than you ever have before. Abusing my fucktoy properly is my favorite little game to play with your body.

Get Hard And Stay That Way

I tease your cock with my mouth. Gently. Licking my tongue up your shaft so slowly you can feel your balls tingle and twitch for me. I take my fingers and slide them up your shaft alongside my tongue just to watch that pressure of cumming start to try and overcome you. I love watching you struggle. You are so cute throbbing in front of my lips. I can tell you want me so bad.

I’ll stand before you, sliding my body on top of you and laying my hands on your throat. That pressure on your neck starts to cut off your airways. Straddling you, I slide this tight pussy right on that cock of yours. You are mine. Watch my tits bounce while I ride that cock, choking you more and more with every bounce my pussy gives you. Abusing my fucktoy in the most gentle way possible. For now.

Don’t You Dare Cum Yet

I’ll let you breathe for now. With every breath of yours getting deeper and deeper I can tell you are so close. My other hand, slipping around my ass to those swollen balls of yours. Maybe I will squeeze them harder this time. Maybe I will hurt those precious balls so you are not so eager to cum yet. Begging won’t even help you now.

Your cock throbs inside me more as I pick up the pace. I love watching you flail around while I milk you. Every drop of cum you give me is going in this little pussy tonight. You might even be lucky enough to put a baby in my little cunt. My left-hand finds its way to your chest where my nails dig into you. My right hand still massaging and squeezing those balls.

Abusing My Fucktoy More And More

I sharpened my nails for you. Pointy little daggers sliding down your chest just so I can watch the crimson surface on your worthless little body. God, you feel amazing. The thrill of the pain is making your cock harder for me, and that’s all I want from you at this moment. A hard cock for me to fuck. Besides, you love me abusing my fucktoy. You love me using you like a sex toy.

Dirty panties lay next to us, and I grab them. I want to watch you choke on my cum filled underwear, gasping for air when you bust for me. I want to watch your chest turn bright red from my nails while you taste my days’ worth of filth. Cramming those panties deep into your mouth gets me so wet. It makes me ride you harder and faster. It makes me want to cum while I watch you struggle not to.

Cum For Me

I’ll let you cum, as long as those little nails can grip onto those balls while you do it. I want you to scream out in the panties and choke on your spit. Cum for me. All inside this little pussy. Knock me up like a good little pain slut and have your orgasm. You deserve it.

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