Slutsville is my favorite place to go, and I love to go often!  Contrary to popular belief…it’s as much a state of mind as a destination, but that’s what I’m here to teach you!  Can you go to Slutsville if you’ve already got a partner?  Sure! That’s when you might need it MOST! LOL.  All you needed to hear the “All Aboard” call…is to just take off your panties, and walk out the front door!  Don’t worry, they’ll find YOU!

The scent of a woman makes men follow as if being led by a Pussy Pied Piper.  But, it just gets better from there; so, keep reading and take notes!  Why notes?  Because in every man’s life…there is a desire for his woman to becum a SLUT!  Believe me…she’ll THANK YOU FOR IT and, you’ll be reward greatly!

PRIME HER! Bring her gifts that say what you NEED…this is where the fun CUMS IN!!  Make her wear that latex catsuit you’ve been drooling over, then take her on the kitchen table! CUM-FUCK-ME-SHOES?  Oh, yeah!  No Slut is CUMplete without them, and that would defeat the purpose, wouldn’t it? Buy her that ball-gag face-mask and then, put that ass in the air for you.  But… not just YOU… make her do it for your friends; because NOTHING says lovin’ like a share of slutsville!

First, you dress her up, and then you need to parade her ass all over town, dressed as the slut she IS.  Once she gets used to the hard cocks all around her, she’ll loosen up for you.  And, THAT’S when you drive her home (in MORE ways than one!)  Get her to that bed and ram her, while calling her every filthy name you know!

Any QUESTIONS? Call me?


The Birth of a SLUT!