I Abducted You So I Tell You What To Do

Call me crazy. I have heard that the most crazy girls are the best in bed. So I accept that label full and proud. But something weird happened to me. I really don’t know if it was a dream or if it really happened. But it felt so real. My mind and body was opened up to an entirely new experience. An erotic experience that both frightened me and excited me at the same time. Like I said I still don’t know if this really happened or was just a dream. But here is my story about being abducted … as well as I can remember it…

I was sitting outside, just playing around online. I was chatting and being flirty with guys and girls. Just a normal Tuesday night. But then something odd happened. The neighbors dogs started barking like crazy, that was not the odd part. They always bark. But then a really bright light flashed and I went from it being 10PM to 1AM in the morning. My computer was completely dead and it was pitch black outside.

I figured I must have just fallen asleep at my computer. I mean, it had been a long day of taking Phone Sex call’s and cumming all day. By the way, something I never, EVER, complain about. But still I get really tired after a long day of work. *giggles* So I just shrugged it off as nothing and went to bed. As the week on I started getting memories. It was like I had been drugged and my brain was now just realizing what happened in bits and pieces.

Here is what I was able to piece together about when I was abducted. Please forgive me for the lack of information.

I woke up with bright lights on my face. They were very warm and almost burned my skin.

My eyes were not fully focused. I was still seeing a bit blurry. But I started to scream. Then I heard some clicking noises and saw about three gray figures start to hover over me. I was completely nude. i kept blinking my eyes until the figures came into focus. When I was able to actually see them I screamed even more.

The best way I could describe them was aliens. Just like I have seen in many photos and stories. Accept they were not green, or tall. They were a gray color and short. That is saying something because I am only 5’3”. Well, they were all mostly short accept for the leaders. But I will get to that in a second.

They started to do tests on me. It was not the weird ass alien tests we that have all heard about. It was more of a sexual stamina test. They did not injure my body at all. It was like they were trying to preserve it. I will not lie. I came many times during these tests. But it was different. They never actually touched my pussy, or any private part for that matter. They got into my head. Forced my brain to think its self into cumming. They had full control of not only my body but my mind also. I was fully in their power.

It was not until the Queen came out, and I saw what kind of forms her body could take. That Is when I understood what all the tests were about…

She stood tall, very tall. I would say about 6 foot or more. She was a bit darker in her color and the biggest breasts you have ever seen. I forced my head up and I saw her grow a very large dick. My eyes grew wide and my pussy trembled. It was like she got into my head and told me about all the pleasure I was about to feel. She walked up to me, looked at me with her big black eyes and made me cum again, right before she put her large dick into me. I came when she told me to cum. I felt what she told me to feel. I have never felt this out of control my entire life.

I woke up, like I said on my porch holding my computer. My pussy was dripping wet. Looking back, it may have been some of my body fluid and come of hers. My stomach feel’s weird. I think she may have impregnated me when I was abducted. Or it could of all just been a figment of my imagination. We will know soon enough.

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