A sex slave….What a weird dream!!

I woke up thinking I had the strangest dream. I had been abducted by a sweet, hot guy and told that he was going to make me his sex slave. Well, I thought it was a dream until I tried to move. That’s when I realized that it was not a dream at all. My hands and wrists were still bound. I started to wonder if my friends would even know that I was missing. Austin had put on such a great show of being this perfect gentleman that my friends would think I was just hanging out with him somewhere.

The door opened and Austin walked into the room. I didn’t bother crying this time. I already knew it wasn’t going to make any difference with him. Maybe if I just cooperated he would let me go. As he moved to the bed he placed his hand on my ankle then traced his fingertips up my body as he walked the length of the bed. “How is my sexy slave?” he asked in a sweet yet teasing voice. I didn’t bother answering him, I was pretty sure the question was rhetorical.

He pulled the top sheet from the bed tossing it to the floor exposing my mostly naked body. I heard his sharp intake of breath as if it were the first time that he had seen me this way, even though I knew he was the one that dressed me like this in the first place. “Why are you doing this?” I asked. “You know we were hitting it off great anyway, don’t you think you could have gotten me naked without abducting me?” I continued. His laugh was soft and sweet yet reminded me of a crazed man at the same time.

“Do you think I really wanted you to be with me in a normal way?” he started. “How is that any fun at all? Ohh no. I want you to be my slave. I want to make you scream in ways that I wouldn’t be able to if I had just taken you home from that club and slept with you.” He gave a little chuckle and I couldn’t help it anymore, the tears began streaming from my eyes. Then I turned my head away from him not wanting him to have the satisfaction of seeing me cry. But as I turned my head away his hand grabbed a hold of my jaw and turned my face toward him.

He leaned in with barely an inch between us as his grip on my jaw tightened. He squeezed tighter causing my lips to pucker involuntarily into a kiss position. “Oh my little princess, you are going to crave our time together. Believe me, before your time as my slave has ended you will be craving me and begging me to NOT let you go!!!” I didn’t see that happening but I guess the time was the only way to really tell. Do you have any kind of experience in this? Give me a call, tell me what I’m supposed to be expecting from him. Is this going to hurt? Am I really going to want this as much as he thinks I will?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke