How I  Discovered my Nephew was Actually my ABDL Nephew

My sister was going out of town for a few weeks, so my nephew Danny was coming to stay at my house during that time. I figured this would be an easy task.  Honestly, I never thought that his stay would make him go from simply my nephew to my ABDL nephew (not to mention all that that entailed).

When he arrived, I told him I needed to go to the mall for a few things. He asked me if he could come because he really wanted this new video game that came out. Nodding in approval, off we went.

 I noticed he was walking funny, as well as holding his bag in front of his pants after going to Game Stop. I asked him what the problem was. And that’s when he got all flustered and red-faced.  Curious as to his reaction, I reached forward and moved the bag out of the way. I then understood what the dilemma was. He had pee’d his pants! Seems I had a budding ABDL nephew on my hands.

I marched him out to the car and told him we were going to the CVS to buy some supplies. I told him there was no way I was going to let a pissy-pants baby ruin my expensive bedding. And because of this, a few changes will be made. and there will be new rules that he will have to adhere to.

Once we got to CVS, I pulled him inside by the hand like a toddler. With walked right up to the woman at the counter. I explained (in great detail) that my teenage nephew was a pants-wetter and I needed to know where the diapers and rubber sheets were.

I figured my newly discovered adult baby/diaper lover should get used to a bit of humiliation.

Marching his ass right to aisle #7, I made him pick out the diapers and sheets.   I made him strip out of those piss-soaked jeans once we got home. Then I instructed him to make the bed up with that awful plastic sheet. Once that was done, I instructed him to lay down on the bed, legs in the air, so I could diaper him.  I was NOT going to have to do pissy laundry all week long!

I explained how he would wear a diaper the entire time he was at my house while I was putting that diaper on him. And that “accidents” would not be tolerated. After diapering him, I accidentally knocked his backpack over. When I picked it up I noticed a porno magazine in there.  I asked him what this was. I do not allow porn in my house.

My Budding  ABDL nephew was in for quite an eye-opening lesson

I opened it to the centerfold and made him show me what he does when he looks at these magazines. His face turned bright red at my demand. But saw something else on his face – arousal. Sitting back in the chair, I watched as he rubbed his penis through his diaper.  I commented that his dick was as small as it was when he was a baby, hehe.  He blushed.

I told my ABDL, nephew, to reach in that diaper and tug on that peepee – maybe that would make it bigger. He had the dick of a baby.  He got it hard while looking at the magazine.  Then I told him to do it to completion, just as if he were alone.

He rubbed his little baby penis until it came in his diaper. Afterward, I made him sit in his cum filled diaper and take a nap!  This would turn out to be a long but fun week! Seems my nephew was also going to have fun exploring his not-so-secret adult baby fetish!!


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