ABDL Adult Baby play remembering there is nothing Mommy wouldn’t do to make you feel special.  Morning to-night, as well as through the years – your ABDL Adult experience with Mommy Raven will be one of a kind, as I cater to your individual needs.

As you get older my sweet baby boy,  you will need more. Our ABDL Adult Baby play will become your special way to express yourself in so many ways. But for today you are my special baby that I adore.  Spoiling you and catering to your needs will become very easy to Mommy, as we explore all your ABDL Adult Baby needs. The sound of Mommy’s sweet whisper starts your day in a loving way. ‘Rise and shine my baby its diaper changing time. “I whisper in your ear.  Mommy gives you special kisses, as I change your diaper and make you feel fresh and new.

Finally, it’s time for Mommy – baby “quality time.”  What shall we explore today? You love playing with all your special toys. From your trucks, airplanes, and even some Barbie dolls. (Sexy Lil Laugh) Mommy wants to keep you growing both body and mind. Therefore don’t worry it’s our little secret.  I promise not to tell. You know you have thought about it.  Let me push your limits, as we explore your hidden fetish. Sometimes Mommy loves her Sissy baby.  Pretty in pink and such a girlie girl. Dressing you in frilly pink panties and a dress to match.  Would you like to be Mommy’s special Sissy baby?

Furthermore, as our day progresses, our afternoons are pretty busy playing,   You love our special time together.  Laughing and smiling, as you grow bigger each day.  Once again it is diaper changing time. You love when Mommy changes your pamper. Do you love the Pampers how they sound and feel? No worries my baby I understand your needs.

There something that triggers your senses when you put on a soft fluffy diaper. The sensation you feel is hard to explain. You need to experience it for yourself. You love the feel against your baby pee-pee. Would you like to put your cloth diaper or Pampers on and call mommy? I would love to push you to the edge. Even now, as you close your eyes, the memories come rushing back. Don’t they my sweet boy?

Finally, it’s baby Mommy bonding time!  I love our special time together.  Holding you oh so close my special boy.  Mommy is so loving and she knows what you need. Sometimes Mommy breastfeeds you and other times it’s bottle time. What would you like today? It is our special bonding time. The world slips away and soon its just baby and me. Leaving the world behind, as we satisfy your needs. The rocking chair is our special places where we love to bond. Gently rocking you, as I make you feel completely safe. You feel mommy’s heartbeat and know you are safe. Suckling, on Mommy’s nipples like a good baby boy. It’s almost as if we are one and the same.  Safe inside mommy’s belly again. No words need to be said, you know Mommy loves you. In the end, nurturing you and loving you, as you cuddle so close.

Your special mommy is here to cater to all you ABDL Adult Baby needs.

Mommy knows how to push you to the edge, as we explore all your individual needs from beginning to end. Specializing in diapering, coddling, Sissification – meeting all your ABDL Adult Baby playtime needs. Let’s explore your fetish and fantasy needs, as we play together.  I want to tease you in addition to pushing your boundaries. Ready to have some of the BEST Fetish Masturbation phone sex? To sum it up…I have something just for you… free phone sex minutes ADDED to your paid call? FIRST TIME CALLERS ONLY – Mention ABDL 5, when calling me. Anything goes Kinky XXX Phone Sex I’m waiting to begin our unique sexual adventure.

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My sultry voice will capture you and keep you coming back for more.  No worries all in all I will make it as pleasurable as possible. Additionally, Remember it’s ALL about pushing outside your comfort zone holding back!  Certainly, we can explore ALL your fetish together.  Furthermore, the opportunities are endless. Above all let me trigger your inner XXX Cuckold Pleasures. Always remember – Above All – Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. Call me and Let’s cum together. I’m waiting for you now so we can begin another hot journey.