Tonight was prom night, and I was super excited! Marquis finally asked me to be his date to prom. I had so much to do in such little time. Can you even consider 12 hours little time to get ready for the prom? I consider it little time at least. AHHHHHH I was just so nervous and excited at the same time. I didn’t really know what to think.


In the morning I went and got a manicure and pedicure. I got my toes painted red and my nails got red tips put on them. I immediately fell in love with the color and look. And it felt so relaxing to finally get my feet scrubbed and massaged. I smelled so good by the time they were done I just wanted to kiss myself. HEHE.

After my nails I went and got my hair done. It was put up in a super tight ponytail with a little bump on the top. The ponytail itself was curled loosely. I had a fake diamond accent wrap that held up my ponytail as well. After my Hair was done, I went and got my makeup done professionally. I got red lipstick put on, a shimmery gloss, and my eyes done.


After spending half the day getting ready I finally went back home. There I took a night hot bath remembering not to touch my face or my hair. I got out of the tub patted myself dry put lotion all over my body, slipped my skin tight red dress over my head, then slipped my red high heels on. After that I went and asked my mother to help me put my diamond necklace on around my neck.


I went upstairs checked my phone and realized Marquis had called and texted me. Which was strange since I still had 3 hours before he would show up. I called him back and found out that everyone had decided to go eat before hand. I agreed to go with.


I had asked my dad for some money just in case I needed anything at prom. Fifteen minutes later Marquis was knocking on the door. My father answered and called my name. I followed my mother into the entryway of our home. Marquis’ mouth dropped at the sudden sight of me. My parents bombarded us with an unneeded amount of pictures.


We then walked out to the limo and picked up the rest of our group. We went and ate and a super fancy restaurant that we all very much enjoyed. After we got done eating we all decided to head over to the mall, which was were the prom was held this year. So we all gathered back into the limo and headed across town to the mall. By the time we showed up there was a line of everyone trying to get in. We all got out and stood in line together.


Once inside the music was already planning and people were already on the dance floor. I told Marquis I was going to go get some punch and then meet him on the dance floor. As soon as we hit the dance floor everyone went wild with the music. After a few hours of dancing Marquis grabbed me by my hand and looked around to make sure no one was looking. He pulled me into the back and led me down a small corridor and found an empty room.


Once inside the empty room, I saw him have that look in his eyes like he couldn’t resist me anymore. He began kissing me and it got wild from there. I would have to say it was better than the first time we had sex. My body was so shaky and weak once he was done with me. To hear more of the juicy details you’ll have to call and ask! hehe



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