There’s no secret that guys love something that’s exotic to them.. Something new, completely out of the realm of things they’ve tried. That’s why they say Swedish women are some of the most beautiful in the world..and Latinas are the most passionate. 🙂 Some of those stereotypes are silly, of course, but that doesn’t change the facts..

I was born in Cuba and moved where when I was I learned to be bilingual & fast! I had no idea it would have so many naughty benefits about it, though. I didn’t understand it at first.. why some of my guy friends would look so interested whenever I was on the phone with my parents, or other Spanish-speakers. It completely flew over my head. I thought they were just confused. But nope..I learned very quickly. I’ve always been a tease.. so of course I was going to use the bilingual bit to my advantage, as soon as I learned that I was driving guys crazy. Specially my friend-with-benefits – Jackson. He’s the typical southern guy, raised in North Carolina.. If anything, I expected him to be very confused whenever I spoke Spanish around him. But no..he went head over heels for the dark hair, light eyes, full lips, and the way I moan his name in the middle of sexy, little Spanish whispers that he can’t understand. It’s a mystery to him..and I think that’s why he loves it. He has no idea what I’m saying.. though he’s caught on to a few phrases.  Like whenever I whispered “Asi..asi..” I was completely loving it..

I taught him how to have a little bilingual phone sex with me.. he’d never tried it before, but the first time he did, he lost his mind. It turned him on to have me just out of reach. So close..and so far away. It made it even more of a tease, he could hardly edge himself for me. And it was all over as soon as I whispered “Ay papi..por favor.. dame lo que quiero. Métemelo, mas duro..!”

Come play with me.

Dirty Sexting