There’s nothing better than getting fucked with a nice tune in the background. Even more when it’s nice and slow fucking and the tune just gets you in that mood. So I decided to go through my iTunes and share with you the best songs, for making love, and the best songs for hard core fucking. Now, I love all types of music so this is my sex mixtape.


Slow sensual fucking is good at times. There’s nothing like being on my stomach and taking it nice and deep from behind to these following songs in no particular order.

1. Earned It by The Weeknd – I swear, play this song and my panties will definitely be on the floor, and juices will be dripping down my thighs. Oh yes, believe me, I am worth it, and you have definitely earned my pussy with this song.

2. Practice by Drake – This would totally be my jam if I was a stripper, and yes honey I’ve been waiting for you and all these other men before you were practice if we listen to this song. I’d call you daddy just so I can have someone to look up to after we fuck.

3. Good For You by Selena Gomez – Play this song on a loop and feel how tight and wet I get every time I cum. This song is my new obsession. I just want to put on makeup, wear a skin tight dress and look amazing for you. Then make a mess of me, and I promise I’d look even better.

Fuck Me To These Songs!

Those were tunes that are amazing for slow sensual fucking. What about when I want a hardcore, raw banging. Well these three are my songs to take a good pounding.

1. Who’s Your Daddy by Benny Benassi – This is my ultimate fucking anthem. I mean, of course I want to give it to daddy. Nothing like fucking to the beat of a sexy voice repeating “You’re My Daddy”, over and over again. Just listening to the beat gives me goosebumps in my tight little cunt.

2. Kenta by Tiesto – I love this song period. It’s original, it makes me feel like I’m getting pounded out by aliens, as weird as it sounds. I swear it’s my warm up song. If I’m ready for a night of good fun I listen to this song and start fingering my pussy till I’m creamy and ready.

3. Heart Shaped Box by Nirvana – A true classic. This one is to start out nice and slow and then start bouncing nice and hard on that big dick. I’d be forever in debt with you when I get a hard pounding with this song in the background.

These are my most played songs, as of recently to get a good fucking. A little background music only adds to the experience. Next time we get freaky, play one of these songs, show me how you want it daddy.



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