A Naughty Smoking Fetish Roleplay

Imagine you are watching me from across the bar. Picture me sitting there in front of you dressed in a gorgeous black dress, stockings and high heels. Your watching so closely, staring really, and you notice my plump red lips. You think to yourself how amazing a cigarette would look rested between those soft lips. You have a twisted Smoking fetish.

You see me as I reach into my bag and pull out a packet of cigarettes. Looks like your smoking fetish phone sex fantasy is about to come true! I place that long cigarette between my red glossy lips and light it up as I see you looking over at me.  I smile at you as I light it, then puff at it more and inhaling the smoke and then blowing it out very slowly.

As I’m holding the cigarette in between my fingers, I notice that you’re getting hard. I realize you have a smoking fetish! I decide I’ll use your smoking fetish against you by seducing you, making you so turned on that you’re willing to do almost anything to get me. You just sit there, almost as if in your own little world, Watching me suck on the filter, your hand deep in your pocket stroking the head of your cock. You’re trying not to make it too obvious but I know exactly what you’re up to. I see you going off to the restroom and I know you’re going to jerk off in there. Do I follow you or imagine it?

This is the type of conversation roleplay we can have during naughty smoking fetish phone sex. I’ll even enjoy smoking a cigarette and playing with my pussy during our session! It will be such a huge turn on for both of us I’m sure!