Call me a nasty black cunt and I’ll make you want it!

When you work in a hospital you’re bound to come across a few….difficult patients. My favorite difficult patient is Mr. Smith. He has been known to be a handful and just an all-around asshole, especially with the black staff. I’ve only had him once and all he did was degrade me and call me a nasty black cunt. Needless to say, we know which staff members can take care of him and who won’t.

Today we are a little short-staffed for the graveyard shift. Usually, this isn’t a problem because nights are pretty quiet. But Mr. Smith came in this evening and we don’t have nurses that meet his ‘requirements’. Since I am the senior nurse on call I have the pleasure of being in charge of his care. For the most part, he has been sleeping from his treatment but I know he will be waking up soon.

Just as I predicted he wakes up around 2 am and starts making absurd demands. After a bit of his degrading language, I excused myself to calm down and asked one of the newer nurses to watch things. When I return she is tearful after a brief encounter with Mr. Smith and I am livid. I’ve had enough of this racist prick so I’m going to show him just how much of a nasty black cunt I can be. So I head into his room and lock the door behind me.

Never Say Never to a Nasty Black Cunt!

When he sees it’s me he scoffs at me and tells me to run along and do something useful. I tell him that I am here to change his gown and start pulling the covers from his bed. As I am he begins cussing, saying obscene things, and calling me a nasty black cunt. I lift his gown and ask if he’s ever been with a black girl before. As expected he gives me dirty looks and says, “What do you think you dumb bitch.”!

The tone of his voice changes when I tell him maybe he should try it, it might make him less bitter. He scoffs at the idea and tells me he would never do such an atrocious thing. I smirk at him which really pisses him off until he feels my hand wrapped around his cock. He yells at me asking what it is I think I am doing. I give him another smirk and tell him I’m being a nasty black cunt and take his cock into my mouth.

When I take him in my mouth he tries to push me away but his mobility is limited. As much as he wants me to stop his cock is saying otherwise. The more he detests the faster I suck and the harder he becomes. He hates the fact that he is getting hard from a nasty black cunt which only makes this so much better. In doing so I actually feel myself becoming wet watching his conflicting dilemma so I decide to take it a step further.

Who’s Cumming Now!

Once his cock is hard I slip my pants off and rub my wet pussy until I’m ready. He watches in a panic as I climb into his bed and rub his cock against my aching pussy. Leaning in I make him say it again, ‘Nasty Black Cunt’. When he does I slam my nasty black cunt down on his hard cock and he lets out a confused moan. I revile in my rapture as he tries not to enjoy my tight wet pussy gripping around his throbbing hard cock.

As my juices drip onto his cock he tries his hardest not to cum. I ride him faster and remind him he’s about to cum in a nasty black cunt. When I feel his body tense, he lets out an uncontrollable moan as he fills my nasty black cunt with his cum. He lays back in disbelief at how hard he came and who made it happen. I climb off and blow him a kiss knowing he won’t ever be a problem again.

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