If I fuck you then you’d better not cum too quick. You’d better take your time pleasuring me and making sure my needs get met. My date last night wasn’t so thoughtful and I had to take care of things myself. The date was going great until things got to the bedroom.

We quickly got undressed and I got on the bed. I laid back and parted my legs. I slid my hand down and stroked my pussy as he watched. He started breathing heavier and licked his lips. He just couldn’t wait to have me and he reached for his dick.

He started jerking himself off as he kept his eyes on me. When my fingers were slick from my juices I parted my pussy lips, showing him how wet I was. That just got him even more excited and I thought he might blow his load right then and there. I told him to calm down and give me some attention. He let himself go and got on the bed, kneeling beside me.

His dick was shiny from pre-cum and there was a bead of it leaking from his tip. I scooped it up with my finger and licked it, covering my tongue with his saltiness. He got between my legs and put his hands on my hips. He slowly pushed forward and slid into my pussy. He went in deep and I wrapped my legs around him, keeping him in place.

I thought we finally going to get this party started, but read how it fizzled here.

Phone Sex