I was recently at a party and met a few really hot guys. One of them in particular caught my eye, he is so handsome, educated, great job and a good sense of humor, he almost seemed to good to be true. I knew I wouldn’t get him as a boyfriend, and I was right, he told me he’s about to walk down the aisle and get married, and his buddies had convinced him to come to this one last party before taking the plunge and see if he could find someone to have a final fling with.



I was a bit disappointed at hearing his explanation, but at least he was honest and upfront about it and my God, he was so good looking, even though I knew this was going nowhere in terms of a relationship, I couldn’t help but feel attracted to him. I was going to be his final fling. It wasn’t really like me to do something like this, but it just felt right. I told him I’d be his one and let’s go, we got in his car and drove to a hotel up the road and we went into the room and as son as the door closed, he had me pressed against it, I could feel his hard cock in his pants against my stomach and he held my wrists above my head and kissed me hard as I was pushed against the door.

I was panting hard with desire for this strange man, this man I’d met less than 2 hours before and I wanted his cock, badly. He was a total stranger .. and that made it even naughtier¬† .I started to unzip his pants and he was unzipping my skirt, our clothes were soon a pile of fabric on the floor as we quickly tumbled on the bed, our nude forms crawling all over each other like animals in heat. I got him on his back and straddled him, and quickly sank down onto his cock and began to ride him as he squeezed my breasts and pinched my nipples. I rode him hard and soon came all over his cock, which was still hard as I got off of him and I took it in my mouth and tasted my own juices all over him, which he seemed to love to watch me do.

I sucked and I slurped and played with his balls, caressing them in my hand as I deep throated his shaft and licked at the tip in swirling motions, tasting his oozing pre cum. I worked the shaft with my hand as I paid attention to the head of it, driving him wild, and it wasn’t long until he exploded in my waiting mouth and I swallowed down every drop of his jizz. He then kissed me and we shared his load on our tongues and he soon encouraged me to ride his face and he licked me clean of all my sticky wetness that had accumulated. He flicked my stiff little clit back and forth and ran his tongue all around the outside of my pussy lips, teasing them and taking them in his mouth to suck on them. He was fantastic in bed and I really wanted more of this. After we were both spent, I told him I didn’t care if he was going to be married or not, he was a fantastic fuck and I’d be pleased to play with him on the side and gave him my business card with my contact info on it as I left after I’d gotten dressed. No clue whether he will contact me or not, but I’d tasted something I wanted more of, that’s for sure…

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