A Hot Little Diary

The other day I was looking through some of my old things while unpacking my new apartment. But what I found was something unexpected..I found my diary  from my junior year of high school! As I was reading through, I found something so hot..that I just had to share with all my little phone sex lovers out there reading this

Dear Diary,

Today I was babysitting my neighbors little kids while they went to work. I stayed for hours dealing with the little boys friends all chasing me around. I think they are sooo horny for me! I love to tease them by getting on my sluttiest little bikini and taking a dip in their pool. The boys always gather around and watch me as I take each stroke, lifting my legs and arms up as I paddle in the water.. I can always see their little boners through their swim trunks. 

I was teasing them again today, when their dad Phillip came home early. I caught him peeking through the blinds in the kitchen at me, as I started walking slowly into the shallow end of the pool. Again, all the little boys came close and watched me as I got my body completely soaked. I peered over to the kitchen blinds and saw Mr. Phillip staring at me. 

I could tell he was stroking his cock while watching me swim, he watched me often from afar.. but this was the closest he has ever cum. I watched him as a laid in the water stroking himself, and all I could do was smile. But….I got soooo horny! I think its so hot to fuck an older man..and it’s even hotter that he’s a daddy to three kids. 

So diary, you know what I did? I walked out of the pool, and told the boys all to go play with their little cocks somewhere else. I walked right into that kitchen and I grabbed Mr. Phillips cock nice and tight! I bent down on my knees, with my pussy spread I gave him the sloppiest blow job. And you know what? He LOVED it and as I was giving him that blowjob..he bent down and started rubbing my little pussy.

It was soooooo fucking hot making him cum in my mouth, just knowing that all those little boys were peeking through the window watching me take their daddy in my mouth. hehe ‘

I guess I really live up to being the Naughty Girl Next Door, right? Give me a call if you want to hear some more dirty little details from my diary. Teen Phone Sex!