I love expensive items, nice cars and luxury vacations, that’s why when the opportunity came to me to be a sugar baby I knew I had to take it. Craig didn’t have to ask me twice when he offered me the arrangement. I met him at a sleazy sugar daddy website that I thought wouldn’t even amount to anything. Our first meeting was at a really elegant restaurant and after that we only had the best of times when we were together.

Craig was a doctor, a surgeon to be more exact. He was always occupied in at work and traveled a lot. Of course he had a family to look after and I didn’t mind. In fact being a sugar baby was amazing for me because I got to do my own thing and just see him whenever we were going to have fun. I guess that was the point of the relationship, no bullshit, just expensive gifts and lots of fucking.

The first few times that we saw each other it was all normal. We would meet at a hotel and fuck like crazy. It was until one day we met at our apartment and he found my old school girl uniform. It still fit me but just a bit too tight which is what he loves. He asked me to wear it and we role played that I was his young little school girl. He came so hard imaging I was just an innocent school girl taking his big cock. After that we made things even hotter. We would go to the mall, we would brown around the most expensive shops. We would find really sexy outfits and then, well when ever he would buy me something we would go somewhere private and I would tease his cock, suck it, and eventually when he buy me something worth enough for him to have a piece of my tight cunt.

Let me be your sugar baby!
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