A Fantasy That Could Get Me Pregnant

Sometimes I think about this one caller. He comes off as very shy when we talk, I can never tell if he is smiling, but once we start talking about sex he opens right up to me. I can tell this guy would be a lion in bed! This blog is dedicated to you baby. He wants to get me pregnant.

Do you ever talk to someone and just know they would rock in bed? They don’t just sexually play with your mind, but you know they can back it up with HOW they talk about sex. Well, he has a hold on me. I have gone to bed many a night thinking about his hands touching me, caressing every single bit of my body and licking it until I cannot take another single moment of the torture.

He would make the experience about me, not him. Just the way he talks about it I can tell he isn’t greedy in bed. A man with self-control is my biggest turn-on. I had a great dream last night about him. I dreamed that I somehow woke up in his bed. He is in the doorway just watching me and smiling.

Every fiber in my body screamed for this man’s touch.

I open my legs like a wanton slut. Every time we have our phone chat I masturbate furiously and cum more than once with him. Now I was going to have the real deal. I watch him as he walks over to the bed and cradles himself between my legs. His rock-hard cock is pressed against my pussy. Even through his thick jeans, I can feel that damp little spot of precum seeping into my panties.

Our lips touch and the fire between us burns. I start to grind my hips against his groin. I am so turned I could cum from the pressure. He breaks away from our kiss and pulls my panties down. I feel the head of his cock rubbing back and forth over my clit, his precum mixed with my silken pussy juice makes a great lube.

I find myself begging him to please fuck me. So I need him more than I ever needed any man. There is no violent slam of his cock, no teasing but a gentle entry into me. He savors me as much as I do him. Slow thrusting while we look at one another. He whispers how sexy  I am and how he will never let me go. I am his property and now belong to him.

I am so wrapped up in our lovemaking I don’t think much of his ode to love me and keep me. So I hit my crescendo and my orgasm floods my body. I feel like I am floating until I hear him tell me he is going to cum inside of me. Then I laugh and tell him he shouldn’t since I don’t take birth control. I mean why would I? I’m not dating or having much sex in my private life. Only he keeps pumping, and harder. He whispers while I am on the verge of having another orgasm that he wants to get me pregnant so I will never leave him.

He plans to keep me bound to his bed until I get pregnant for him. While I laugh about it…I know he means just what he says. Somehow I am okay with that!

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