My best friends sex story began with having a girls night.

Nicole sex story started with going out with some girlfriends.  They were drinking a little and flirting. Her husband Richard likes knowing other guys want Her. She tells him about it when she gets home. One night, this really hot guy Ryan is flirting aggressively. He leans in and kisses her. Nicole reminds him she’s married. That doesn’t seem to bother him. Ryan kisses her again. Nicole draws closer. He places her hand on his crotch.

Nicole feels what may be the biggest dick she’s ever felt.

Nicole is nervous and excited. Unsure of what to do. She’s so turned on. Richard and Her have roleplayed this exact scenario. Would Richard be turned on? When she told him about it?  How far should Nicole go? Nicole was thinking about what she should do. Ryan slides his hand in her pants. Nicole pussy is soaking wet.  She had to get fucked.  They go to his place. The clothes are coming off all the way to the bedroom. Ryan picks Nicole up. Throws her on the bed. Nicole pulls his pants down. Ryan had the longest cock Nicole had ever seen.  She started sucking it like a porn star.  Nicole tells him to fuck her now. Ryan starts taking her cunt. Pounding her for hours!

Nicole must have had 20 orgasms.

Nicole was laying there. With another man’s cum running out of Her. Feeling guilty and ashamed. She could only hope Richard is asleep when She got home.  Nicole walked in as quiet as she could. She heard Richard asking her about her night. Nicole tells him it was alright. Richard insists on making it better.

Nicole says let me shower first.

Richard pulls her close an kisses her. Kisses Nicole’s neck. She knew he wanted to lick her pussy. It was his favorite thing to do. Nicole stops him. Saying let’s just fuck. Richard guides his fat cock inside of her. Worrying Richard will know she had sex. Feel the cum deep inside her. The slut in her wishes I could take both cocks.  Ryan’s length and Richards girth. Would be pure bliss. Feeling cum inside her. He fills her quickly with his seed. Richard knew there was another man’s cum in her. Keeping quiet waiting for Nicole to tell him. He cuddles his cheating wife close. Nicole comes clean with Richard. That’s after Richard gets many more loads of Ryan’s cum. Richard happily lapped up Ryan’s cum over and over again.

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