So I am tooling around the internet and I just came (haha, no pun intended) across the best article and now it is a challenge.  Sort of.  Or maybe it is just a curiosity.  Fuck it, let’s experiment!

The following 7 techniques came from and article titled, 7 masturbation tricks to try, or as I like to call it, 7 new ways to please your dick.  With me of course!!!

#7 – Fill a plastic sandwich bag with petroleum jelly and put your erect penis in the bag, squishing the jelly so that your entire penis is covered. Then, place your penis, still in the bag, between the mattress and the box spring. Pump in and out to orgasm. The best part? No mess.

**I want to hear the bag and the squish when you dial me up!**

#6 – While standing, twist your lubed-up hand (whichever you’re most comfortable using) so that your thumb is against your belly button. Wrap your hand around your penis and, rather than stroke with your hand, move your pelvis to pump in and out of your hand. It’ll make you feel like you’re actually penetrating a vagina. OK, maybe not, but if you’re really determined, there are certain male sex toys, such as fleshlights, that will definitely do the trick!

**I totally have a fleshlight that I smack against my pussy when I masturbate – it’s yours, absolutely FREE with the purchase of a 100 minute block call** And PS – I have no idea that last time I cleaned my pussy juice off of it.

#5 – Although you have to have a sensitive penis for this to work effectively, this will at least demonstrate that you don’t if it doesn’t work. Keep your underwear on and make yourself erect. Once you’re at your fullest erectness, tap the tip of your penis with the tips of your fingers. It should take somewhat longer than usual for you to reach climax but when you do, oh yeah…

**Your undies or mine sexy?

#4 – The next time you’re masturbating and feel as though you’re about to ejaculate, put your other hand over your scrotum and lightly squeeze and pull it down (or more aggressively, if you like that sort of thing). That way, you get to feel your semen traveling through your body, making its way to the exit.

** I like that sort of thing

#3 – Once you’re erect, place some lube on the inside of one hand, and rather than rub your penis with your hand, keep rubbing the tip of your penis against the palm of your hand to orgasm.

**Kind of like when you flick your tip on my wet clit 🙂

#2 – Cover both your hands with lube, and form a ring with your thumb and forefinger. Place it around the base of your penis. Slide the ring up to the base of the glans (where the head starts). Now form a ring with the fingers on your other hand and do the same thing. Keep stroking with one ring at a time until you climax. For a similar effect, you can also try using cock rings.

**Just buy the cock ring!!

#1 – For this technique, masturbate as you normally would, but when you feel the sensation of ejaculation coming on, grab hold of some ice cubes or crushed ice with the other hand, then continue masturbating to completion. The feeling of cold in one hand, heat in the other, and the sensation of ejaculating will enhance the experience.

**Tied with #7 for my favorite – I love ice!

I think it is time to pick your favorite.  Let’s try one out together. My panties are down!