Bet you did know there was 7 did ya lol well pick your jaw up off the floor and let’s get started.

Make Women Orgasm 7 Different Ways

The Clit – Start with the obvious!   Kiss  it, caress it, rub it, tease it with a vibrator all the above! 😉

The G-Spot – Typically 1 to 3 inches up the front of the vaginal wall. It’s sometimes referred to as a pressure orgasm, from the application of pressure to the nerve ending.  Sometimes this one takes experimenting and some direction by us ladies.

Vaginal aka deep cervical – This one can be tricky if there is no g-spot to hit so you gotta play with that clit and pound that pussy hard!  It’s good multi-tasking practice. lol

Anal – Basically another way to hit the g-spot from another angle.  This one is not for everyone, it can take time and patience to make it enjoyable.

The Nipples – A rare one but it still happens and it is possible with women that have particularly sensitive nipples and breasts do experience amazing orgasms.  While you suck one tweek the other nipple between your finger, and don’t forget a little pull and tug.

Combination – That’s self explanatory lol combine and experiment and find out what works to give that woman one amazing, mind-blowing orgasm.  WARNING: If you follow all these steps the women will keep cumming back for more.  lol

No hands, no touching 😉 – Also called a dream-gasm!  Very few know this one and it’s definitely a good idea to have permission for this one so she doesn’t wake up from a dead dream and start kicking your ass. lol  Let her fall into a deep sleep and begin to rub and finger her pussy and over time do more and more.