69’ing Do’s & Donts

I have noticed how much men love to 69 and mutually share in the pleasure of oral. Oh hell, who am I kidding? Guys just like getting their dick sucked and know we are more eager when we are getting our pussy licked. I know when I am giving head I can get suck an ache deep in mine and want nothing more than some oral hugs too. Sometimes though it can be awkward in the frenzy of this double oral position so here are some tips to score even better than a 69 on this oral exam.

1. Crotch cleanse. Shower, especially if you want to be sucked off with her nose in you ass space. Crotch funk can be a major arousal dampener.

Ease her into it

2. Ease her into it. Do not just tell to hop on and suck. Make it foreplay getting in to position and it just naturally develops. With her on he side lay next to her, start kissing her, moving slowly down her body as you shift your head towards her feet. Seduce her in to it until your cock is right there in front of her and it feels natural to just start kissing and licking back .

3. Roll her on top. This is just usually the more comfortable for a woman. She does not feel like she is being crushed, your knees do not pin her hair down and she has control to undesired gagging down. The more comfortable she is the longer she will engage in the 69.

4. Do not forget her. This is a giving and receiving position. It can be easy to get caught up in how fucking good her mouth feels on your cock. You still have a job to do so work that tongue darling.

5. Don’t explore other frontiers without prior knowledge she is okay with anal play. Hey some or okay with a finger in stink, I know I am, but do not go there unless you know it is open for business.

6. Do give me a call if you want to learn how to pussy dive like a pro and get those pussy juices dripping down your face.

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