Hey stoner boys, have you missed me?

It’s been far too long since I’ve made a 420 shout out to all my sexy stoner guys… I’ve missed YOU!! Let’s kick back, light up a bowl, bong, fatty or blunt and relax. You know how horny getting high makes me so it won’t be long until I am shotgunning smoke into your mouth and unzipping your pants.

You may be asking yourself, “The Queen, why didn’t you post a blog about smoking weed on 4/20?”

My reply, “I got really high and forgot.”

Don’t worry, I still celebrated this very special occasion. My girlfriend gave me some extremely potent cannabutter which I baked into a double chocolate cake with fudge frosting. Did your mouth just start to water? Good, because it was fucking amazing. My pussy is throbbing just thinking about eating another slice right now.

I wish you could have been here for me to feed it to you.

My ideal stoner fetish foreplay– wearing nothing but some panties and an apron, I would mix all the ingredients to make us some edibles and put that cake in the oven. While it’s baking, I sit in your lap and feed you bong rips. We smoke, make out, grind and fool around to the delicious smell of that weed cake baking. I love to grind on your cock through your jeans while we pass smoke back and forth from our lips. Once that cake is finally done, I pull it out of the oven, let it cool and then feed it to your sexy ass.

It would be a whole ritual. I would draw out the foreplay for a long time so that you are dying to fuck me by the time we finish eating. Once you’ve licked that plate clean, it’s time to get into bed and lick this pussy clean. Let’s take our time so that when that weed butter finally hits you, you will be balls deep in my pussy and your cock will feel FUCKING AMAZING!


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