Smoking, Getting High and a Hot Fuck!!!

Sticky icky icky. Mmmm. Just thinking about my big beautiful lips wrapped around a tight rolled blunt and smoking that good good into my lungs already got my pussy itching for some naughty fun. Every time I get me some I cannot help but stare at how beautiful it is before I bust it up separating the stems from the seeds. I like to do it the old fashion kinda way. Hands on pulling each bud from its home and then crumbling it to a beautiful consistency. Than I take that beautiful grape leaf blunt wrap and line up right down the center before I roll it up nice and tight.

My weed man says I roll the best blunts. He loves watching me roll my lips around it sealing it nice and tight. Taking it to my mouth I flick the lighter and take a few hits. I love the way the smoke falls down into my lungs. I exhale and then take two more nice drags. Tossing my head back I empty the thick white clouds into the air. The high is already starting to go to my head. This is some dank ass shit. I pass it to my dude and relax till he passes it back to me. Back and forth we do this till there is nothing left but the tiniest little roach. Eyes glossed over and mouth dry like cotton the only thing I can think of is running his big cock over my hungry lips.

He must had been feeling the same way too. Watching him suck his lower lip into his mouth and give me that horny as fuck look I knew I had to get my high self to work. I was happy to though. I got right down on my knees between his legs and pulled out his cock. He started rollin up another blunt as I gave him that good head. He is so sexy. I he hit that shit and then shot gunned the smoke into my mouth as I started fucking him. Riding his cock the two of us continued smoking and having a good time. He even quenched my thirst with a big load of cum in my mouth when he nut. I loved every fuckin second of it too!

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