It’s 420 somewhere! Let’s spark it up and get high baby.

It’s no secret that I am a bit of a stoner. Weed makes everything better; food, laughter, music, sex…. especially sex. Fucking while stoned feels SO GOOD. My whole body gets elevated, the sensations in my pussy become so much more sensitive and I climax so hard my body shakes. I melt into my man’s (or woman’s) body and we get lost, fucking each other over and over again for hours. We take our time with that sexy slow grind, working my pussy so good that it makes my cunt feel like it’s going to BURST… I’m a 420 slut! If you got some good weed, I’m all your’s baby. Capnolagnia is one of my favorite fetishes.

Have you ever fucked while stoned before? Let’s get high and I’ll show you how good it feels to have my lips feel wrapped around your cock. Smoke that joint while I smoke your pole but don’t forget the golden rule: puff puff PASS! Once you cum in my mouth it’s your turn to please ME.

I LOVE smoking a blunt while a girl or guy goes down on me.

With one leg propped up, I puff on my fatty like a boss, watching them eat my pussy while I get high. I hold out that blunt for my little pet to lift their head and place their lips on it, slowly dragging it in before they dive back down into my hot wet pussy and blow that smoke right back into me. I also like to ride on top, passing the blunt back and forth while I rock my hips to the music and let my whole body float away.

What’s hotter than a sexy woman who likes to smoke weed? You know you wanna come party with me, do you like to smoke too? Give me a call baby, let’s pack a bowl and fuck!

Best Phone Sex!