Daddy always has had a little bit of a problem. However, on April 20th he went a little overboard for his pot backed night of partying. Don’t get me wrong, I love feeling the cloud of smoke fill into my lungs as much as the next girl. However, Daddy does not have the kind of money to back that kind of thing right this moment. After all, he has been letting me wrack up his credit cards as a good Daddy does. However, no money means he needs to get his fix somehow. What better payment than his sweet dirty girl. I love 420 age play sex stories.

420 Age Play Sex Stories With Little Corey

Daddy does not care how little I am, neither does his dealer. He sends me in wearing a tiny little skirt and tank top with my trining bra. I cannot help but giggle whenever Edwardo compliments the way that my cute ass pokes from the bottom. He asks me to come and sit on his lap. I have no problem with that. Admirably, I was a little innocent at this point. I thought I was going to be doing some chores to pay off Daddy’s debt. I would be paying of Daddy’s debt, but not like that.

He felt my bald cunt as he stuck his hands in my panties.

I whimpered and pushed against him. I had been molested before so I knew how to embrace whatever Edwardo wanted. As the soft whimpers left my lips I closed my eyes feeling my body flood itself with my tiny sweet juices. I did not realize the room had begun to fill up with loads of naked men waiting for their turn. They all began to strip my clothes from me, calling me slut and whore. That is where the 420 age play sex stories get really hot.  I was on all fours taking dick in every hole I had till I released every one of their cocks of their cum. Needless to say, Daddy owed a lot of money!

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