The summer heat must be getting to me because all I wanted to do yesterday was stay in bed. That’s not much fun without company so I texted three very lucky guys and told them to come over and keep me company. David, Tony and Chris all came over within the hour. I love it when guys are eager to get to me. Probably because they know that time is always well spent with me. I hadn’t told them why I needed them but they quickly found out.
As each one arrived I answered the door wearing nothing but a short silk robe. It was loosely tied so they got a good glimpse of my nakedness. I let them in and told them to go upstairs, get undressed and then wait for me. Chris was the last to arrive and I followed him upstairs. David and Tony had done what they were told and were sitting on the bed. I told Chris to get undressed and walked over to the bed.
I slipped my robe off and sat between the two guys. I kissed David as my hand reached over and began to stroke Tony. He quickly hardened under my fingers. I felt Chris get on the bed and his fingers brushed against my pussy. I opened my legs for him and he slipped a finger inside. I got wet as he stroked me. I moved my hips against him but soon a finger wasn’t enough to satisfy me. I stopped what I was doing to David and Tony. I turned to Chris and pushed him on his back. I straddled him and felt him pushing deep inside. I felt a hand pushing me forward and I looked behind me. David was lining himself up and the tip of his dick nudged against my ass. I leaned forward, opening up for him and he pushed inside. It took a minute for me to get used to having both of them in me then I started getting into it. I was riding them when Tony grabbed my head. He said I might as well put all of my holes to use and pulled my head down to his cock. It was throbbing and dripping pre cum. I licked up the pre cum before taking all of him in my mouth. He kept a firm hand on the back of my head as I got into a rhythm. I was in heaven, there’s nothing like having a man fucking every hole you’ve got. I rode them harder, faster, focusing only on fucking them. I felt Chris tense underneath me. Cum filled me and began dripping down my thighs. I moved faster and came a few seconds later. I began pushing back against David, he gripped my hips and started pounding me harder. He groaned and hot cum filled my ass. He pulled out of me and I gave Tony all of my attention. I sucked him harder, feeling him hit the back of my throat. He quickly came and I made sure I swallowed every drop. He slid out my mouth and I licked my lips clean.
I climbed off Chris and all four of us lay there, trying to catch our breaths. We were hot and sticky so I suggested we cool off by getting in the pool. I love the hot days of summer.



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