To the moon and back – is the pleasure your cock will experience with edge play phone sex.  It’s like no other feeling,  The highs and lows of the tease. You’re throbbing, you can’t control yourself.  “breathe” I whisper in your ear.  Relax and enjoy the pleasure, as the sensation heightens.  Having an orgasm is all about to change, with edge play phone sex.  It starts with the tease – I know your cock is just a throbbing looking at my sexy ass and pussy.  You can’t help but to wonder what they taste and feel like.  You had better believe I would drag my luscious body across face and the head of your cock.  The taste of me teasing you is driving you crazy.  Teasing you and your cock and keeping you wanting more.  I can’t wait to feel your tongue and cock rubbing between my pussy lips and ass crack.   The feeling of my tender softness on the sides of your cock drives you insane. Teasing you and edging you to the point of no return.
There’s nothing more captivating than a beautiful set of lips lingering above your cock.  Sexy brown bedroom eyes staring up at you, as you moan with pleasure. I want to torment you with the tip of my tongue. Flickering back and forth across the head of your swollen cock, to ignite a blazing fire. A blazing fire that only lips can control.  Deeper into my wet mouth, I take the head of your swollen cock.  The pleasure overwhelms you. Don’t you feel my warm breath right now?  Don’t you smell the scent of my pussy lingering in the air?  You feel me! You need me! You want me, as I grip your throbbing cock slowly rotating my grip and making you pulse with excitement.  My lips water at the site of your pre-cum. Swirling my finger around the head of your cock. Leaving a glistening trail of pre-cum. The taste of you excites me – want to make you explode with ecstasy.  I must control myself – it’s not time for you. lil smile>
Pulling back, teasing you I slide a wet finger into my juicy wet pussy. Do you want a taste of me? I let your eyes fix on my pussy. It’s pulsating with excitement – I feel a tiny orgasm slip from my body- don’t you wish you could have just one?  Are you ready to explore some edge play phone sex? Bringing you to the edge and leaving you wanting more. Masturbation is something that takes time.  You want to make the sensation last and not over in a flash.  ( Save the rush jobs for the shower – when you are pressed for time) Just remember, it takes years to know every inch of your body.  What feels good today might not tomorrow.  I want to take my time exploring every inch of your worn experienced body.
Are you ready to have the most mind-explosive – toe-curling edging phone sex experience with me?  Maybe we can experiment with touching yourself in different areas.  Exploring and teasing your ass with a finger or a toy.  Don’t worry I will be there with you every step of the way. Whispering softly in your ear – coaxing you to pleasure yourself.  I’m right here with you now.  Let me get inside your head and draw you into a world of pleasure. Maybe I just need to lean down and bite one of those nipples so you can feel what I feel. Tweaking your nipples – teasing them and making them stand erect.  My nipples are one of the most sensitive parts of my body.  Another area of play is stamina training. Stamina training and edge play phone sex go hand and hand.  Ssssh our little secret – no longer be ashamed that you cum so quick. Edgeplay, draws out your orgasm for long amounts of time.  It’s as if you are having mini orgasms. Teasing yourself – edging phone sex bringing yourself to the point of no return and pulling yourself back. Let the count down begin – 3 – 2- 1.  As I count you down to the best possible explosion. Then before you know your body is tremoring from head to toe, with the most mind explosive orgasm.  I assure you – once you experience proper edging, you might never leave your house.  Almost as good as if you could Suck Your Own Dick.
Intrigued? Let’s explore each other’s needs. I’m ready to spend a little time teasing you with edge play – along with mutual masturbation phone sex.  Never know -you might be able to turn the tables on me. lil grin> Give yourself to me, as I fill your head with naughty visions of taboo fetishes? Never limit yourself – Explore and keep an open mind with (Humiliation – Forced Fem – BBC – Ruined Orgasm – Milking – Cream Pie -CBT – JOI – CEI- Cuckold – K9 – GangBang – Strapon – Toilet Training – Squirting –  Kinky fetish role-playing – whatever kink WILL push your buttons) What will it take to push your limits?  Opportunity only knocks once – lose control with edge play phone sex.

Are you ready for a new stimulating sexual relief? Call me – I’m waiting for the next sexual adventure – are you ready for the journey to pleasure and back? Let’s do it together!! Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination – Call me and cum – I’m waiting for you now.


Kiss Kiss