Fantasy sex stories always make my pussy wet. Some of my favorites are the ones about somnophilia. If you are not aware of this hot kinky fetish allow me to fill you in. This fetish, commonly known as “Sleeping Beauty Syndrom” is the perversion of being sexually attracted to a sleeping or unconscious body. I know you may think that might be a little strange but I have experienced this hot fetish from both ends several times. One time was when I was so sexually aroused I relieved myself on my brother’s best friend’s sleeping boner. However, that is a story for another time. This one is about a time when I was younger, at my Father’s boss’s Christmas party. 

25 Days Of Sexmas: Fantasy Sex Stories – Stoned And Fucked

My father was not always the owner of a successful gym. Growing up he would often work the local factories or mills to make ends meet. Lucky for me those jobs did come with their fair set of perks, at least for a naughty girl like me. One of those was the company parties his boss would throw at their giant country home. Every Christmas the kids would run the downstairs while the adults partied away upstairs. However, I hated being tucked away with the bratty snot nose children. I wanted to be upstairs where girls young like me should never go. After all, everyone thought I was so sweet when I was always so naughty.

I managed to sneak upstairs long enough to make it to a dessert table marked “adult goodies”. Like a brat, a Grinch-size grin of mischief rose to my lips. I grabbed a gingerbread man and ate off the head. Its taste was rather peculiar and organic and honestly quite gross. However, I didn’t care, in an act of defiance, I gobbled every bit of it down. It’s didn’t take very long for the pot cookie to knock this small petite frame down. The rest was really a blur. I remember my Dad’s boss picking me up quickly and whisking me away into the no-go zone. It could have been his bedroom, however, it also could have been his study.

It’s didn’t take very long for the pot cookie to knock this small petite frame down.

I could smell his musky cologne as he kissed my neck and earlobes. I remember being unable to move, I was partially asleep and partially backed to the sky from that clearly dosed cookie. Although, my Dad’s boss was clearly aware I was incapacitated calling my tiny body “sexy sleeping beauty like”. Then, that is when he proceeded to lock the door and have his way with my lifeless body. I slept as he brushed his cock against my soft warm lips. Whimpers left my mouth as he stroked himself over the top of my sleeping body. He asked if I was dreaming of him as he rubbed his throbbing dick in my hand till he came. Although, I am sure if he had less company this would be categorized as a different kind of fantasy sex stories adventure.

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