Family sex stories, there is just something so erotic about them. Something about knowing that person that you grew so close with and have special biological connection shares the same sexual desires as you. After all, your family knows you best, right? Although, sometimes family member need to be forcibly convinced. Take my Grandfather, for example, he was such an old horny bastard. However, he never made sexual advances towards his favorite Grandaughter regardless of how many times I caught him adjusting his pants. Well, once I turned 18 I decided I wanted to reward my grandfather for his magnificent behavior!

25 Days Of Sexmas: Family Sex Stories With Me And Grandpa!

So at the family Christmas party that year, dressed little a little elf slut I became a Grandpa fucker. I started with a little teasing. Although, after he hadn’t seen me since I started school he was blown away just with my dressing. After all, I was such a sweet modest slut when I left home. To see my striking beauty barely hidden behind the small attire was enough to make him pop a boner. I know he popped one because I could feel it pulsing against my ass as I sat on his lap!

Grandpa’s Gonna Get A Great Gift This Year!

I began to whisper naughty nothings into his ear only making the situation grow worse. No one even thought any different when I escorted my dear Grandfather up the stairs to the bathroom. However, they had no idea I would be on my knees getting a big surprised from him. His cock was much larger than I could have imagined. There was no mercy in my Grandfather’s eyes as he stuffed himself into the back of my throat. He even pinched my nose between his index finger and middle finger knuckles. He held my head in place with one hand on his lower back and fucked my throat hole like a pro. Finished right in my stomach and then kissed me on the cheek.

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