Fuck that “three’s company” shit, ’cause I love a good 2 girl call.

A hot 2 girl call is exhilarating and so I had the perfect idea for inculcating my girlfriend into the kinky fun of phone sex: including her in a 2 girl phone sex call. She always said she wasn’t good on the phone. I told her not to worry, she wouldn’t have to do much except lay down and let me lick her delicious pussy!

It took a few drinks and some delicate cajoling, but eventually late Saturday night she finally agreed. I eagerly turned my line on, excited for the lucky first caller and myself. And her, of course. She’s a classic closet exhibitionist.

After about ten minutes, the phone rang. It was one of my regulars. My girlfriend didn’t know I’d emailed him a couple hours before, letting him know that tonight would be the night. I set up the call and told my girlfriend to get ready. She asked, “But how?”

“Just lay down, baby. I’ll be right there.” I told her, a naughty grin spreading across my lips.

I told her not to be nervous, although I could tell she was even after all those drinks. Drunk phone sex is always fun, and we were about to have a really good time. I was still smiling when the phone rang.

“She’s ready,” I whispered into the receiver, hearing my caller’s anxious, excited breath.

I lowered my mouth onto her cunt, dripping in anticipation. My girlfriend started to breathe quick short breaths, finally letting herself go into full-body visceral moans. By the six-minute mark, I could tell she’d had at least three orgasms in my mouth.

And by the eight-minute mark, my whole fist was inside her. I love feeling my girlfriend’s pussy spasm around my hand. Aren’t you excited to hear how much she loves it too?

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke