13 Weird Sex Rituals Around The World

I’m sure there are tons of other weird sex rituals around the world but today I’m just posting 13 of the oddest sex rituals from all over this wild sex-craving world we call home.

1. Women of the Guajiro tribe must make a man ‘fall’ to have sex

Colombia’s people have a ceremonial dance. If a woman trips a man during the dance, they must have sex fun huh?

2. Inis Beag, near Ireland, the people have sex in their underwear

The people are so sexually repressed they wear their underwear on during sex. That doesn’t sound comfortable.

3. Adolescents of the Muria Tribe, can have sex without dating

The tribe is very sexually liberated. They have sex huts where adolescents are sent to have sex, with one person and sometimes multiple partners.

4. In Indonesia, married couples can have sex outside their marriage during the “Pon” celebration

During the “Pon”, couples have to have sex with someone other than their spouse. It is for good luck but for it to come true they have to have sex with the same person at the “Pon” for the next 7 celebrations.

5. Public Masturbation in Ancient Egypt

Egyptians were obsessed with masturbating They believed the flow of the Nile was caused by the god of creation’s cum. Then came the ritual masturbate into the Nile for the wealth of water for crops. Egyptian men regularly masturbated in public.

6. Wodaabe Tribe has a wife-stealing festival

At the yearly Gerewol Festival, the men wear elaborate makeup and costumes and try to covertly steal another man’s wife. If they get away undetected, they are recognized as married.

7. In Some Nepali tribes, brothers share one woman

Nepali tribes in the Himalayas practice polyandry, all brothers from a family share one wife.

8. Greek men took young boys as lovers

Ancient Greek men of higher social status took control, while the passive role is meant for a youthful boy.

9. Kreung Tribe builds sex huts for teenage girls to have sex with many men til they find the one.

The tribe elders build sex hut for the teenage daughters and every night a different teenage boy spends the night with her having sex, until she finds herself a suitable husband.

10. In Austria, a woman feeds armpit-flavored apples to their future husband

The young women do a ritual dance with apple slices crammed in their armpits. When the dance is over, each gives a piece to the man she wants, and he then of course eats it. Delicious right!?!

11. Mangaia Island, older women have sex with the young boys

Island in the South Pacific Ocean, boys aged 13 and up have sex with older women who teach them how to fuck and how to please their future wives. Gives new meaning to the word “Cougar”.

12. Boys & girls of Sambian tribe drink cum

Sambian Tribe in New Guinea separates the boys and girls when they turn 7 and keep them separated for 10 years. During this time they get piercings, nose bleeds, and has to drink the cum of the warriors in the tribe.

13. Trobriander Tribe girl have sex at age 6

Tribe in Papua, New Guinea start having sex at a very young age. Boys start having sex between the ages of 10-12, but the girls start at age 6!

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