What is a fetish that will make you blow your load harder than you ever have before is a great question? After all, there are so many kinky fetishes out there. However, I always find one hot kinky fetish that makes my pussy incredibly wet. That would be group sex. Imagine you are at the grocery store grabbing milk after receiving a text from your wife. In the store you find yourself standing in line with three cure coeds that won’t stuff flirting with you. They are so hot, you know you would never get lucky enough to score a college girl by herself let alone three.


What Is A Fetish That Will Make You Blow Your Load?

Although, when you go outside to your car, leaning right on the hood are three hot coeds. Sure, you try to act casual and cool as you coyly call out “Hey girls, how can I help you,” towards your car. However, we can see right through that house dad smile. You need to be serviced, it has been a while super Dad. So, why don’t you sit in the back of your SUV and allow three college sluts to do just that? Surely, you are a great guy. I get it.

College Co-ed, Groups Sex & Cock Sucking, Oh My!

Therefore, we are going to have to push really hard. Finally, we will get you to crack as the three of us pull down those pants exposing your rather hard boner. How excited you will be for us. Nevermind how excited you will be as we suck your dick and nuts. Don’t worry though, after you blow your load rather fast there is no reason to be embarrassed. We understand you never get laid and having three babes do something like that would be hard to last for any man. So, we will give you a pass this time but extend an invite to our sorority play spot to make it up!

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