I Found That Sensually Dominating Men Is Equally as Satisfying as Pegging Girls.

sensually dominating men

I love sensually dominating men.

In my experience, sensually dominating men is sexier than the usual dynamic. I had a friend who knew that I had a job in sex work and he seemed kind of interested in what people enjoy. One of the categories of interest that I mentioned to him was sensually dominating men. I told him that this was one of my favorites, along with teen brat domination and just straight-up sadistic torture. He wondered what might occur during a sensual domination session and I described to him that my mode of domination is very manipulation heavy. It involves mind control and total power exchange leaving him helpless to me entirely.

He wanted to try and I grew more and more excited explaining to him the idea. I told him that he had to take me seriously, or I would quit, and he had to put his heart into it, otherwise, the efficacy of the process would depreciate. I told him to get naked, and then undress me down to my panties. He did as he was told. Then, I told him to worship my body, beginning right at my feet. He was to massage them, deep tissue style while looking at them and appreciating the woman form and its superiority. Then he was to graduate to my calves, then thighs, up to my stomach, arms, and then my face. After taking all of me in, for as long I chose, he was instructed to get a blindfold and lay out for me.

There he lay, my little manservant, awaiting his reward.

I instructed him to interlace his hands behind his head and that they must remain there till iI instruct further. Then, I began to lightly demean him. I made him feel beneath me, unworthy, and I had total and complete ownership of him. I controlled his dick and balls, therefore, he was mine to do with as I pleased. Then, I began playing with his balls and toying with his cock. Lightly edging it with only the tip of my finger. I leaned down and gave it a kiss, laughing when his excitement increased. Hah! He thought I would suck his dick. I teasingly blew on it. Then, I moved up and kissed him. I toyed with his cock some more, reminding him that his pleasure was in my hands entirely.

I edged his cock until he looked like he would cum by accident. Then, I kissed and nibbled my way all up and down his body. Every now and then I’d reach down and press on his taint, as a warning for the play to come. I ordered him to go fetch my glass dildo, and my strap on. Now, my strap on was a bit large, I am aware. Big and pink, with a teeny little harness. It vibrated and I could control this through a tiny remote. First, we had to train his ass to take it. I had a glass dildo in the shape of anal beads but formed into one long rod where the beads increased in size. I began with the smaller end and caked it in coconut oil.

Then, I ordered him into a doggy-style position and worked the whole dildo into him.

Then, I began working it all the way out and back in over and over. His puckered little rosebud changing size with the push and pull of each bead. Every now and then, I would tease his cock a bit from in between his legs. Then, I pulled it out and harnessed up. I slid into him and began to peg him real slow, reminding him where his place was. As his arousal heightened, again, I would reach around and jerk his cock off a bit. Then, I turned the vibrator on and began pegging him deep and hard. I milked that prostate over and over. He grew hornier and hornier. I instructed him to jerk off at the same time, and he did as he was told.

This was when I discovered that I had quite the taste for sensually dominating men. I told him to remove his hand when he came. And as he grew close, he pulled his hand off while I worked him the rest of the way. Cum squirted/leaked out of him.

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sensually dominating men

Gracie Psk

Hey there! My name is Gracie! I love age play! I have NO limits; say whatever you want to me! I'll say whatever you want me to. I can be your bratty teen who you take shopping for an ounce of attention. I also love to be your sweet little girl who is VERY curious. Will you teach me naughty things? I can be a bad, bad girl! I bet I'm naughtier than you are... Give me a call at 888-231-9349 or cum find me on www.phonesexkingdom.com/gracie

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