Killer Frost Orgasm Denial Will Leave You Cold and Needing To Cum!

Killer Frost Orgasm Denial Will Leave You Cold and Needing To Cum!

Leaving you with a sack full of cum makes me very happy. Doing it in mean and torturous ways is even better. Winter allows me to use my killer frost orgasm denial on you losers and some hotties too.

I love all things hardcore when it comes to making your life hard in the bedroom or other places. CBT playtime is also one of my favorites! Not everyone can handle this type of pain, but I have some superstars that can.

Of course, you know who you are. I love my tease and denial games for those of you who can’t handle the real stuff. And, making them intense and harsh makes my pussy all wet and gooey.

Killer frost orgasm denial involves outdoor activities.

So, in reality, I guess you do have to be tough enough to handle it. You see, we have a great enclosed back yard with a hot tub, benches, and more. I love having my subs get into the hot tub and then sitting naked in the cold air.

Then, I use all my amazing skills and body to tease and torture them. Getting their cock hard, even in the coldest of weather, and their balls full of cum. As they get colder, I get more into my naughty teasing.

This game is not for sissies and can be super hard on a guy and his parts. Of course, that is why I fucking love it so much! Seeing him naked, shivering, and begging to go inside during our killer frost orgasm denial.

I always let them pop inside for a few to warm up.

Not too long, of course, but long enough to keep them from freezing to death or getting frostbite on their cock. Hahaha. This game is even more fun if my neighbors are home and come out to watch.

And, it adds to their embarrassment, which adds to the wetness of my tight young pussy. I stay dripping wet the whole time. Of course, I am playing with myself as I tease them. I am wearing warm clothes, though.

I have access to my kitty and tits so I can tease my victim. The more I masturbate or show up for them, the more they beg to cum and go inside. Now, if they cave during our killer frost orgasm denial and go inside, the cost is staying away from me for a long time.

It is a hefty price to pay, so many do not give up.

And, for those that last until I say our game is done, get me as the prize. Yep, we go inside and spend the night doing anything they want. Well, to a certain degree. They are my subs.

Now, if they are little pecker guys, they only get so much from me. I don’t like tiny dicks for fucking. But, we still have lots of fun as a reward. So, do you think you have what it takes to play my killer frost orgasm denial game?

Did my CBT playtime catch your eye? Then check out my blog!

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Killer Frost Orgasm Denial


Hey there! My name is Piper and I am all about being naughty and wild! Does my innocent face seem to pique your interest? Then check out my blogs and read about all of my crazy taboo adventures! I promise, you won't regret it! I will have you cumming in no time! So, if you are interested, go ahead and give me a call: 888-283-1633. Or, if you still want to know more about me and all of my naughty secrets check out my profile:

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