Last week I began to train Jake, my impressionable college freshman, in the ways of sex and servitude.

I gave him his first blow job, and he came fast.  It was way different than the jack off instructions I had given before. He was such a good boy, though, because when I kissed him and pushed yummy hot cum into his mouth, he took it down his throat. Then, he observed while Z, my lover, fucked me for an hour.

Before fucking Jake and taking his virginity, I decided he should see what sweaty and nasty sex looks like up close. It got me off to see the arousal as his eyes widened and his cock stiffened. It even started leaking on its own. After Z and I finished fucking, Z led Jake over to me and guided him to his knees.  I pulled Jake’s head to my pussy and told him to lick and suck. To my astonishment, he started licking my pussy like he was born to do it.  If I closed my eyes, it felt like a very skilled female lover was licking me.

I came so hard from his licking that I squirted all over him.

He looked surprised when it happened, but he never stopped licking. I knew then that I had found a high-potential candidate to become my newest sub. Z and I led Jake upstairs to the bedroom.  When we got there, I gently guided him to the bed and laid him on his back. His cock was thick and veiny, and it was throbbing.

I decided to ride it to control that pace and keep Jake from coming right away. I hovered my pussy over him and then slowly lowered onto his cock.  My cunt was so wet. It felt so good as I lowered further and further down.  I began to move my hips back and forth, and he synced his hips with mine. Every time that his breath quickened and he got close to coming, I slowed the pace.  I wanted Jake to savor his first fuck and not have it end after two minutes.

We made such excellent progress.

After about five minutes, Jack was still hard and controlling his urge to come.  Pleased with his progress, I added to the challenge by leaning forward and biting his nipple while I rode him. He must have liked it because he let out a long moan, and his whole body shuddered. Still, he managed to keep his yummy hot cum from exploding into my pussy. Finally, I motioned for Z to come over, and he laid next to Jake and began to suck on one nipple while I worked on the other.

Z’s latching on to Jake’s nipple was the final trigger.  When that happened, Jack convulsed, and cum poured out of his cock. I tightened the walls of my pussy to milk it and squeezed all of the cum out of that virgin cock. When I rolled off of Jake, cum was streaming everywhere – onto my thighs, my pussy lips, and the pathway to my asshole. I snapped my fingers and Z lowered his head to clean up all that yummy hot cum.  The look on Jake’s face as he watched Z systematically lick and eat all of his cum from my wet, juicy body made me come again. Z got the benefit of that and as he took in a mixture of cum and squirt. He got a tasty treat.

When Z had my cum completely clean, he wrapped his mouth around Jake’s cock. Then he made sure it was nice and clean.

Then, we all showered together and took a nice long nap. When we woke up, I introduced Jake to some serious boy-to-boy play. That is for next week, my horny perverts!

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