Me and a friend were sitting around talking about the first time we had sex. I loved his story so much that I decided it was to juicy and naughty not to share. When my friend Tom was a 15 years-old virgin, he took a cross country flight from the east coast to the west coast. It was his very first time on a plane and he was extremely nervous. His boarding pass indicated that he was a minor so the entire cabin crew knew to look out for him. There was one stewardess in particular who took a liking to my friend. She made sure to seat him in the back of the plane because she said she wanted to “keep an eye on him”, since her station was located in the back of the plane.

As soon as the plane took off the stewardess approached Tom and asked him if she could get him something to drink. He nervously said yes and told her that he wanted an orange juice. She told him that because he looked so much older (around 21 years old) that she would do him a favor and give orange juice and vodka instead of the kiddy orange juice. Tom didn’t mind at all because he was just mesmerized by her beauty. He said that she was tall and slim with beautiful green eyes and long dark hair.

He said her tits were perfect and plump like melons and he just couldn’t keep his eyes off of her tight round ass in the fitted navy blue stewardess skirt she had on. She was the woman of his dreams and she was treating him like a king. When she brought the drink back Tom raised it up to his lips to get a sip, but just as he did that the plane went through a little turbulence. This caused Tom to spill his drink all over his shirt. He looked up at the stewardess, embarrassed as fuck at what he had done. She just smiled and told him to meet her in the plane’s restroom because she could help him “clean up”.

About 5 minutes after he entered the restroom there was a knock on the door. When Tom opened the door, the stewardess pushed her way in and as she locked the door she began deeply kissing Tom. It was the first time Tom had felt a tongue in his mouth while kissing. He got an immediate boner and started kissing her back. He grabbed her ass and couldn’t believe how soft it was. When she pulled her panties down she forced his hand up her skirt.

His fingers clumsily found there way up to her pussy which was wet and throbbing. She unbuttoned Tom’s pants, dropped to her knees and gave a very sexy blow job. She sucked his cock and balls and told him not to moan so loud. Just as he was about to cum she stopped sucking his cock, leaving him at the edge of a perfect nut bust. She told him that she wanted his nut inside of her pussy and with those words she raised her skirt and turned around so that her ass was facing his crotch.

Tom searched for the opening of her cunt with the tip of his cock. He knew he had found it when he pushed himself deep inside of her and she moaned and bit her bottom lip. Tom closed his eyes as her plush pussy engulfed his cock. The squishy sound of his hard cock penetrating the hot stewardess filled the restroom. Finally, Tom couldn’t hold it anymore and he pumped his hot spunk deep inside of her perfect pussy. He was instantly in love. His 15 year-old brain was filled with nothing but euphoria for the woman that had taken his virginity that fateful day, 30,000 feet in the sky.



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