Young teen JOI audio might not be everybody’s cup of tea, but just wait until you get a taste, or rather a sample of what I can do for you! Roleplaying develops a deeper understanding of your sexual desires and darkest fantasies. And mutual masturbation feels amazing for both of us. However, JOI (or jerk off instructions) from a young teen like myself just hits differently.

Have you ever experienced young teen JOI audio?

Some guys prefer to take matters into their own hands. (I know what I said, and I stand by it.) But I think it adds a whole level of sexual complexity and a certain level of trust to allow a girl control over how you touch and when you cum.

I just love when men trust me with their cocks and give me the latitude to decide what sensations they’re going to feel.

Testing it on my long-distance boyfriend

While I was still living at home, over the summer my boyfriend moved out of state for college. Since we couldn’t have sex as much as we wanted, we had to get creative. Mutual masturbation over Skype, while visually stimulating, made both of us really miss each other physically. One afternoon, I left a brief message on his phone explaining exactly how I wanted to touch his dick. Then I asked him to touch it for me the same way.

He called shortly after listening to my young teen JOI audio. If I was with him, he’d have given me an amateur accidental creampie for sure at that moment! Since we couldn’t fuck, I laid back on my bed and gave him further instructions until he came so hard he went silent. He said it was particularly hot when I told him to just jerk the tip of his dick like he was nudging it into my tight nearly-virgin pussy. Apparently, he liked how innocent my voice sounded saying how desperately I wanted his cum like a cock sucking slut!

The neighbors are horny, too!

Into the fall once school started for the both of us, we continued to have those sexy calls. I had no idea my next-door neighbor could hear my young teen JOI audio instructions right through the thin walls every single night! She and her boyfriend listened to it and came knocking one night while I was still flushed from just cumming with my guy on the phone.

I answered the door, like a slut, in black panties and a tiny t-shirt. Her boyfriend rubbed the front of his jeans while she spoke to me in hushed tones, asking if they could come in. It was a bit awkward. We all sat down on the couch together and she explained he couldn’t get enough of me. Actually, she said he couldn’t get enough of my sexy, young voice and my instructions through the wall. They’d been playing together and listening to me for weeks. Now that they met me, they both wanted a hot young teen JOI audio in person. And who was I to deny them that?

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