Apparently everyone has Snapchat now?

I finally downloaded Snapchat a couple weeks ago. The “sexting” potential of snapchat is pretty obvious . . . and, obviously, it wasn’t long before I’d installed the app before I was sending (and receiving) some highly sexual/textual messages!

I’m pretty uninhibited in general, intoxicated or not. But if my sobriety is compromised, I get even more “direct.” I think drunk dialing, texting, etc. is highly underrated.

Recently I’ve been learning about the dangers of xanax sexting . . . and by dangers, I mean possibilities for just cutting to the chase. What could be better (and hotter) than open communication and honesty, right?

The first naughty snap I sent was to a guy I’d been messaging from a dating site for awhile. That morning I’d woken up to some texts from him where he’d outed himself as being a sub.

He later qualified his messaging (which, it seems, he felt embarrassed about) by telling me he’d taken way too many xanax that night. What did I care? Of course, reading that if I was “ok” with him being submissive, he would do “just about anything” was music to my (dominatrix) ears.

“Well aren’t you lucky, because I do that professionally” captioned my sexy snap/dirty selfie. I felt pleased with myself. Why had I gone so long without utilizing this medium with such clear pervert potential for flirting with strangers??

I love taking pictures of myself and having my picture taken . . . and I really love getting (and sending) dirty pictures in inappropriate times and places. Maybe that’s why I love having a job that revolves around those very things??

What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever sent or snapchatted? Cum tell me what nasty things you’ve done and I’ll tell you more of my filthy stories . . . you know where to find me!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke