People tell me I have nice looking feet. A guy I used to date really loved my feet. He had a bit of a fetish. It seems like everything we did all had to do with my feet. Looking at my feet got him harder than smelling my pussy. We would go out to dinner at a romantic restaurant complete with violins and candles. He loved to dance and so do I. Before we would hit the floor he would watch me model my high heeled strappy shoes. He would look me up and down and linger on my feet. He stared at my feet and licked his lips like if he was  hungry. He would spin me around on the dance floor until I broke a sweat. Then he would look at my feet and say, “You’re perspiring. Are your feet sweating too?”.  “”Of course they are sweetie, you wouldn’t start spinning me around. He seemed to growl as he swooped me up in his arms and hurried to get me home alone. Now, at first I thought he wanted to rip my panties off and fuck me until I figured out that my feet were the stars of the sex show. We would go into our own type of dance, so to speak. We would walk in the door with the sweat of the dance floor still dripping on our clothes. He would set me down on the sofa. Pour me a glass of red wine and go in to his worship dance for my feet. He made sure I totally comfortable. He seemed to enjoy that and so did I. He didn’t rush. He took his time. And I liked that too. He would sit down in front of me and start rubbing and massaging my thighs and work his way down to my stilletto’s. He gently placed my foot in his lap. I knew the pointed heel of my shoe was in his crotch. He seemed to like it. I wondered if it hurt. If it did….he likes that too. He rubbed my ankle and gently began to un- fasten the buckle on my strap. It was a slow ritual. My heel was still pushing right into his balls. When he loosened the strap he would rub my ankles even more. He was so gentle. I sipped on my wine and watched him worship. He held my heel in the palm of his hand as he lifted my shoe completely off my foot. He grazed the heel deeper across his balls and whimpered a bit. I knew he liked it. He held my foot in both hands and lifted the ball of my sweaty foot to his face. He breathed in the stench of my sweaty toes and moaned. He kissed and smelled them through my thigh high stockings. Then his hand crawled up my thigh and started rolling down my nude thigh stockings. I sipped my wine and felt my pussy getting moist. As he pulled the stocking off my foot I watched his cock bulge in his pants. He sucked my toes and worshipped my feet until his cock popped out of his pants. Rolling that cock between my feet turned him on more than pounding my pussy. I miss him. I miss looking into his eyes and saying….”Hey baby…..are you ready to WORSHIP MY FEET.


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