My Wild Labor Day Weekend

This sinful naughty slut needs some rest and relaxation too sometimes. This past holiday weekend was the perfect time to go on a tropical vacation and take a break from the phone sex lines. Because I’m me, it turned into a wet and wild Labor Day weekend. My hottie girlfriend and I heard about a nearby nude beach and definitely needed to check it out. Wouldn’t you be curious? I’ve heard nude beaches tend to attract the unattractive, but this beach is actually known for just the opposite. 

My girlfriend, Victoria, is the typical Brazilian hottie with a knock-out body. While I have blonde hair and huge tits, she has a huge ass and jet black hair. But, we both have tight little bodies and like to keep super fit. Guys go wild for us where ever we go. There’s something for everyone between the two of us.

Thong Bikinis

Of course, we had to look good when we arrived at the nude beach. I wore a tiny bright red thong bikini that barely covered my nipples. Victoria wore a yellow thong bikini that had her luscious ass on full display. As we walked the couple of blocks down to the beach, we turned so many heads. Guys were cat-calling us and flirting with us, women were looking us up and down too. We loved the attention, of course, we thrive off of it. 

We got to the beach and all heads turned to us as we laid out our towels. The rumors were true! This beach attracted very hot, fit looking people with Instagram bodies. We took a moment to admire the view, super buff guys with their big dicks dangling between their legs, girls with their tits out and free, their little twats on full display. Nothing was a mystery at this beach! 

We could tell so many people were eyeing us and waiting for us to go full nude. So, we decided to give the people what they wanted and kicked this wet and wild Labor Day weekend into full gear.  We both stood and slowly, seductively stripped our little bikinis off and were on full display for all to see. Guys hooted and hollered and lifted their sunglasses to get a better look. We had everyone’s attention and we took full advantage. 

Sex on the Beach

Our tits bounced freely as we ran to the water and splashed each other playfully. A group of guys with hot tanned bodies approached us and splashed us too. Amazingly, they all had huge dicks and proudly tried to show them off. Victoria and I ran back to our towels and they followed behind us. Feeling horny from the group of naked guys on our tail, we immediately started making out as we laid on our towels. She squeezes my huge firm tits and I grabbed her voluptuous ass cheek. The guys circled around us, encouraging us. 

We thrived off the excitement from the guys and started to finger each other. After all, this wouldn’t be a wild Labor Day weekend without a little sex on the beach! I looked around and noticed six huge stiff cocks surrounding us. That’s when I laid the opposite direction and got in a 69 with Victoria. The guys loved it, of course, and all started jerking their cocks. As we both brought each other to orgasm, the guys started cumming too and we got a six guy bukkake shower. That really put the wet in our wet and wild Labor Day weekend! 

Of course, we had a lot more fun with those guys over the weekend.

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