Whip Fetish Boys- come for your punishment! Sam will whip you hard

My Stepbrother has a Whip Fetish- I was surprised and pleased when he told me. He came home for a visit last month and brought me a gift. He got me a gorgeous bullwhip! I am into hardcore sex and I love collecting cool goth items. He found this bullwhip in an antique store and thought of me. The whip is amazing and made me feel powerful as soon as I held it in my hand.

I thanked him for the whip. “Now I need to practice, and then find guys that need to be whipped,” I said to him. “Sam, I actually bought this whip hoping I could be the first one you use it on.” He smiled shyly at me.  “I have been fantasizing about you whipping me since I saw the whip at the shop. I imagined you in a short tight leather dress and tall vinyl boots making me bent over. So I want you to whip me hard till I cum.”

The idea of making my stepbrother get naked and dominating him was so naughty.

I had no idea he was into such perverted stuff now. I guess we have more in common than I thought. So I told him to get ready for me in the basement. I told him to be naked and blindfolded.   My brother was standing in front of me with his hands to his sides with his eyes covered. His cock was already hardening. He was shivering. The basement was cold and dark. I took his hand and directed him to the work table. “Bend over,” I ordered. He bent over. I took the whip in my hand and thrashed his ass. I whipped him until he had welts. He kept begging for more. Then I gave him permission to cum. My brother came hard and told me he loved me now more than ever.


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