It is time for a wet GILF girl’s getaway. That means, no boyfriends and no husbands. Furthermore, this is a time to hang out, gossip, sunbathe, and relax with our besties.

Of course, we will also be having lots of sex. With each other and any hot young studs, we come across on our trip. And, with me as a bestie, you better know it to be kinky and naughty.

We are going to West Palm Beach. Great beaches, amazing shopping, and only about an hour and a half from Miami if we feel like some harder partying. Of course, they have nice nightlife here too.

For our wet GILF girl’s getaway, we need sunshine, booze, and a good attitude.

And, we have all three covered. Our hotel is close to the beach. The shopping zone is just a hop away and we are ready to spend some money. It is gorgeous here.

Of course, after checking in, we head to the beach. Additionally, drinks and sunshine set the mood for our trip. There are a lot of gorgeous, wealthy people floating around us.

Likewise, quite a few college-age guys spending mommy and daddy’s money. Hard-bodied fraternity boys looking to have fun. Just what we need for our first night of this wet GILF girl’s getaway.

Using our flirting skills we end up inviting some of them to our room after cleaning up.

The girls and I are buzzing from our drinks. I am pretty sure our frat boys have been downing some beers as well. The girls and I hop in our showers to clean off the sun and sand.

In no time, the guys are knocking on the door. Of course, they look just as good in clothes. We have some music on as we are chatting. The boys, it seems, are from old money families.

Oh, my, this can definitely make our wet GILF girl’s getaway special! I love fucking smothering mother’s sons. Hahaha…a lot! They are all in their senior year in school.

Of course, they are going to be doctors, lawyers, and such.

We start making out with them. Soon, we get them into the master suite with the kingsize bed. Although, there are four of them and four of us, Jill has always wanted a gangbang.

So, the rest of us decide to let her take the boys while we have some lesbian fun. Furthermore, the three of us haven’t gotten to fool around with each other for a while.

Our wet GILF girl’s getaway is off with a bang and then some! The boys are happy to fill all of Jill’s holes and use her for a gangbang. I have had plenty of the hot granny gangbang moments.

As they are working her over, the three of us are exploring each other during our first sexcapade of the wet GILF girl’s getaway.

I love how full and firm Lisa’s tits are at her age. Mary has the firmest ass for a woman of fifty-seven. I have always kept the hair on my pussy but these two like a smooth pussy.

Of course, going down on them, I remember how fun a bald pussy can be. I am making Mary moan loudly as I bring her to a climax. At the same time, Mary is fingering Lisa, making her cum.

And, Lisa is eating my pussy, so I cum with them. As we finish, we look over to see the boys bukkake, Jill. It is just the beginning of our night with them. What a great start to our wet GILF girl’s getaway!

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