Do you have a “weird fetish”?

I have what some people would consider a weird fetish. My dirty secret turn on: armpit sniffing. Nothing gets me all hot and bothered like burying my face underneath a sweaty, hairy armpit sans deodorant.

After years of keeping my olfactory kink somewhat in the closet, I finally found a sexual and romantic partner who made me feel comfortable enough to share it. My secret was out, but (much to my perverted, B.O. crazed heart’s delight) my face was buried in his armpit quite often from then on.

Deodorant disgusts me. Really! Look in my shower and you’ll find Dr. Bronners and some super granola handmade patchouli soap.Coming to terms with my penchant for natural pheremones has led me to pursue like-minded pervs . .  and, best of all, be pursued by them!

Even thinking about confessing your “weird fetish” to another (albeit very sexual, sultry-sounding) person can be daunting. I understand. It wasn’t until becoming a phone sex operator I ever discussed my longtime penchant for panty (and boxer) sniffing! Ideally, my job is to sexually trigger you in a good way help you *~cum~* to terms with your deepest buried, most latent desires.

If you’re wondering what to say during phone sex, you can start by revealing that secret desire you have yet to say aloud. I won’t judge you, and I won’t laugh (unless that’s your kink, of course). It’s okay to be nervous, it’s okay to be shy! Little known fact: it’s not mandatory to be jacking off from our initial exchange of hellos until the final goodbye click.

My deranged slut heart skips a beat when a new caller prefaces our inaugural phone fuck with something like “Well, it’s kind of a weird fetish!” Bring it on. I dare you!!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke