Learning to Love Watersports!

Watersports are about the only kind of sports I like… Yes, I know pissing on someone and having someone piss on me isn’t really a sport, but let me continue now that I have your attention.  I first discovered my love for watersports after telling a guy friend how much of a cum slut I am.  He suggested we try it out and i was actually pretty surprised with how erotic it was.  The whole experience was such a turn on I have been hooked on this naughty little fetish every since.  Let me tell you about it!

I was so nervous the first time we tried out watersports!  He had me strip down to just my panties and heel in his bathroom and get in the tub.  Pissing on someone is hot and all, but the clean up afterwards, not so much.  He stood on the outside of the tub and I started sucking his amazing cock.  He told me his orgasm would be so much harder if I let him piss in my mouth right before he shot his load so, of course, I was down.

There I am on my knees in this tub sucking and gagging on his hard cock.

 He asks me to beg for his piss and I did.  The first warm stream took me by surprise.  I held my mouth open, feeling his piss flood it as it spilled out down my tits.  I couldn’t bring myself to swallow, but that was just the first time.  As I let it spill out of my mouth he continued pissing all over my head.  I had piss dripping in my hair, running down my face, and all over my body.  It was warm and definitely smelled like piss, but it was oddly hot at the same time.

He taught me so much about this naughty fetish.  As time went on I pissed on him, he continued to piss on me, and we would even drink each others piss.  Not only was I now a cum slut, but now a piss guzzler too!

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