Piss play is pretty degrading and a great punishment to those who are submissive, but not into that kind of kink.

Piss, is my favorite thing to use on my sub when she isn’t doing all that I ask of her. When I give an order, I expect her to comply. Her soft limits were piss and breath play along with some other fun things I kept for punishment only.

Janet was a bratty 19-year-old girl who wanted me to train her as a Domme. I highly suggested she be my sub first to see both sides of the D/s roles. My Dom came often to watch me play with Janet. He sometimes gave direction and time to time I would allow him to show me different ways to give her pain. Figging seemed to be one of Janet’s favorite things. I loved watching her wiggle around when I would stuff the ginger root into her ass.

I had Janet restrained on a wired bed and I was fucking her pussy with my strap on. I motioned for my Dom to come over and have her suck his cock. She did a little bit but pulled away anytime I told him to push into her throat. She would panic and beg him to stop. Now I knew she had experience with deep throating and felt it unacceptable to take his cock in her throat.

Sometimes she would refuse tasks just to get punished. I knew this because she admitted it once when we hung out as two friends sharing a drink. Pulling out of pussy I decided to teach her how to control her breathing and how to not panic.

I took a wet red rag and put it over her face. Straddling her face, I started to piss. She struggled and coughed under the wet cloth. Pulling the cloth back from her mouth, I asked if she was ready to take my Dom’s cock in her mouth yet? She shook her head in the negative. Not once did she use the light system we had enacted for scenes. Green for go, yellow for caution and red for stop.

Covering her mouth again I started to piss. Once I ran out of piss, I pulled the cloth off and rang it out into her mouth. She drank it like a good little piss slut. My Dom stuffed his cock back in her mouth and got it down her throat.

I did reward her with my strap on and a Wand vibrator on her clit. Her pussy squirted all over my stomach as I fucked her. Piss turned out to be a great method with her in the long run. Our playtimes only got more intense and full of pleasure.



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