Water Dunking

Have you ever wondered what was so exhilarating about a water dunking fetish?  Well, if you even have to ask, I’m guessing you have never been the one doing the dunking.   I had the pleasure of finding out from a water dunking fetishist himself what makes the whole experience so pleasurable and i can’t wait to share it with you.  Summer is here and its water season!

He said he first realized his fetish for water dunking in the neighborhood pool.   All the boys would take turns trying to dunk the girls under water.  He loved how their love hair would flow down their back and the way they would struggle for air.  When it was his turn he really got turned on.  Watching those bubble come up from the water made his cock so hard.  He loved having the power over the girl to either drown her or let her up.  He also loved the look of fear on her face when he kept her down for those few extra seconds.  Some might be scared, but the thought of being dominated and dunked turned me on too.

We decided to role play it out.

He was my master and he was going to punish me for wearing such a slutty bikini.  He started off holding me under the water for only a few brief second at a time.  I’m guessing to see how I handled the water.  He would ell me to take a deep breath and push my head down.  With each dunking the time got longer and longer.  The more I struggled to hold my breath the more he liked it.  He loved when I came up for air gasping for the next breath.  Finally, he let me up for air one last time and, as my mouth was wide open getting that breath in, he shot his load of cum in my face.

Now, I know fetishes can be different from person to person, but the struggle is what really turned us both on.  What gets you off about water dunking?

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